Dina – One Tough Burka

Excerpted from Dreams and Visions By Tom Doyle


Dr. John Hoole – May 24, 2015




Earlier in the lesson today, I mentioned Hormoz Shariat, a Muslim turned Christian, who has a powerful satellite TV program from San Jose, CA beamed into Iran.  On his live TV broadcast, he allows time for people in Iran to call the program.


One lady called quite often – not to ask help in being a Christian, but rather to try to argue against Christianity.  Her name is Dina, and on one of her calls, she screamed, “You Christians are going to hell!”  Hormoz was accustomed to Dina’s ranting, being a regular caller.


Let me give you some of Dina’s background.  Often in totalitarian governments, there a numerous organization set up to spy on the populace.  And sometimes, one secret organization would spy on another secret organization.  Dina was the head of one such organization, called Female Secret Police.  The FSP tormented violators of Sharia Law.  Working undercover, Dina and her team hunted women who let so much as a strand of hair slip out from under the required hijab.  Dina’s only conscience was for strict adherence to Sharia.  She’d watch women endure as many of eighty lashes for violating codes of modesty.  Seeing these women beaten never bothered her.  That is, it didn’t bother her until she called Hormoz Shariat once too often.


“I pity you Christians because your destiny is hell,” Dina continued without any pity.  “Islam is the only way, and Christians are in a false religion and in the end you will pay for this.  Allah will send you into the flames.”


Hormoz retunred, “Dina, whenever you call me, you sound angry and filled with hatred.  “I think your religion produces that in you.”  “I can never have a better life than I have had in Islam,” Dina spat across the world.  “Oh?  Has Islam brought you any particular happiness that you can point to?”  Hormoz leaned towards the camera and waited for Dina’s response.  “There are other problems not connected to my religion that I am experiencing now.”  “Would you like to tell me more about those problems, Dina?”  “Why would I tell you?  You can do nothing for me!”


“Have you ever considered the possibility that you can have a better life,”  “Jesus can give it to you.  He did that for me and for thousands in Iran just like you, Dina.”  Dina’s response sounded more like a confession:  “I am not married, and my mother is suffering with cancer.”  “She’s bedridden, and is going to die soon.  The doctors cannot do anything else for her.”  “I have no one else.”


“I’m sorry to hear that, Dina.  What will you do now?”  “We have both decided to kill ourselves tonight.”  Hormoz was not prepared for this.  The smile dropped from his face.  Dina added, “This will be a first for you, Hormoz, won’t it?”  “We are planning to commit suicide right now on your program.  Her vengeful spirit returned.  “We are going to commit suicide right now, on your program.”  “I only wish you could watch me..  At least my mouther and me will go to heaven, which is more than I could say for a pathetic Christian like you.”  “What have you to say to that?”


For a few second, Hormoz stared into the camera without speaking.  “That’s really sad to hear, Dina.”  “But since you are going to kill yourself anyway, why don’t you give Jesus a week?”  “If He doesn’t answer a single prayer for you or do anything in your life in seven days, then just go ahead and kill yourself.  That’s what you were going to do anyway.  You have nothing to lose.”  Hormoz paused for effect, then added, “But I’m sure you’re afraid to try this – aren’t you, Dina?”


“I’m not afraid of anything you dare me to do!  The Christian God is a false God.  He’s incapable of giving me anything I pray for, because He is not there!  Only Allah can answer prayers.”


“And how is he doing with answering your prayers right now?”  The voice on the phone rose in self-defense, “Jesus was only a prophet.  He can’t do anything.”  “I know you are just playing with me, but I accept your foolish challenge.’  “What do I do for a week?  Whatever it is will be a waste of time.  “I’ll wait a week, and then come back and kill myself on your program, IF you are brave enough to take my next call.”


“Dina, I promise to take your call, but you must do something for me first.”  “What is that?”  “Pray, and ask Jesus to be your Savior.”  His face showed he was not at all toying with her.  “What?  How can I do that?”  “It’s simple, Dina.  I’m going to lead you in a prayer, word for word, and you just repeat after me.”


“I don’t believe this.  How can you ask me to do such a thing?”  “It’s part of our bargain, Dina.”  Without waiting for further response, Hormoz pushed on, “Dear Jesus … Say if, Dina.”  “I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this!”  “Dear Jesus …”


Several days come and go, with no change in Dina’s situation.  Early, the morning of the fifth day, Dina’s is awakened by footsteps.  “Who is it?” she screamed, fearing an intruder was in the house.  She thought, “How ironic would it be if the only response to her prayer was a burglar, or maybe it is a government colleague coming to take her to Evin Prison.”  Dina’s mother peeked through the door to her daughter’s room.  “It’s just me, Dina,” she said with a smile on her face.  Dina’s eyes snapped open, “Mother!  What are you doing? How did you get out of bed?”


“Dina, last night after you turned off my light, I though, I will die tonight.”  It frightened me, so I wondered which imam I should pray to one last time.”  “Then I saw His face.  Right there in my room.”  “Which one was it, mother?” Dina asked.  The woman closed her eyes and then looked at her daughter:  “Dina, it wasn’t an imam.;  It was … Jesus.”


This was not the answer Dina expected.  Her mother continues… “I woke up a few minutes ago and realized I felt no pain.  Not even a little.  All of it was gone.”  Her pain had been unbearable for months.  “Not only that, I could move comfortably and felt so peaceful that I decided to try to stand up.  Dina, I could walk!  I can hardly say it, but … I feel well again.”


Dina rose slowly from her bed.  Before she could step close to hug her mother, this hardened lady melted in tears.  Dina had not told he mother about the prayer with Hormoz.


Hormoz finished another call.  His eyes widened as the name of the next caller came up on the screen.  He glanced at his wife, Donnell, who monitored the incoming calls just off camera.  Eyes matching his, she nodded and mouthed, “Yes, it’s Dina.”


“Welcome back, Dina.  How are you?”  “Hormoz, last week I repeated the words you told me to say, but I didn’t take them seriously.”  “But God did.  Tonight my mother is with me again.  She is standing here beside me.”


         “I didn’t want Jesus to be the answer.  All week long, I thought of everything in my life that was negative.  I was trying to feel depressed.  But each time I tried to concentrate on my problems, I was flooded with peace.  I would stop by the mirror, amazed at the smile on my face.  As for my mother, she is well, Hormoz.  She’s well!  And so am I.  Jesus is everything you promised.  Thank you, my friend.”


That interview generated an unprecedented interest in the power of prayer.  Now Muslims call in regularly to ask us to pray for them.  Dina’s story connected with people because they grasped Jesus’ forgiveness.