If I were running for the presidency.........My persepective:


…...by Dr. John Hoole


If  I were running for the presidency, it would be because our freedoms are systematically being destroyed. If I were to run for the presidency of the United States of America, I think I would run on the following platform.


1.  First, I would call our nation to repentance, to a week of national mourning over the sin of hyprocrisy....the sin of calling America a Christian nation when her value system is anything but Christian.


2.  I would curtail most of foreign policy till we clean up our act at home.  Most nations don't really want us to export to them our fiscal irresponsibility, our policy of killing 4500 babies daily with no remorse, our divorce rate, our alcoholism, and our narcissistic hedonism.


3.  Since a nation will rise no higher than the strength of its foundations, I would do whatever it takes to divert all the revenues I could to rebuilding the American Families.  Our nation is sick because our homes are sick.  I would establish a special commission whose job it would be to crank Judeo/Christian values back into our homes.


Are you worried about the "separation of church and state"?  It may come as a surprise to you that our constitution doesn't call for the separation of church and state, but only says that government shall not establish religion.  Our constitution and its framers never intended we separate God and govenment, never!


4.  I would make it a goal to put the entire welfare system back into the hands of local communities and churches, and require all welfare recipients to work some hours per week for their assistance.  I would immediately stop all welfare payments for illegitimate children after the first child.  Since people who are working don't get automatic raises when they have another child WITHIN wedlock.  it's ludicrous to grant additional funds to people who have children repeatedly OUT of wedlock.


5.  If I were running for president, I would run on the platform to clear about 85% of all the back logs of appeals which keep people alive on death row for as long as twelve years.  I would impose capital punishment for all cold blooded murders, all premeditated rapes, and all drivers involved in all fatal auto accidents caused by their drinking.


6.  If I were president, I would make a new commitment to Israel and announce as terrorist groups the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and all those associated with them, and would stop all money to nations that do not acknowledge our ally, Israel, as a legal nation.


7.  Since the flag is the symbol of our nation, I would make it a federal crime to desecrate that flag in any fashion.


8.  Because of the biblical teaching on debt, I would balance the national budget, regardless of how loud the constituency yells!  Because we don't allow our family to spend more money than we make, I wouldn't allow government to spend more money than it takes in.  To do less would be to act with fiscal irresponsibility.


9.  If I were president, and if we continued a federal health care system, I would make it mandatory for the president and congress have the same healthcare system of those who we are here to represent.


10.  I would insist that America owes an apology to all veterans for failing to properly welcome them home after the Viet Nam and Gulf wars.  I would further make that apology in behalf of all Americans, and ask the nation to pray for their healing and salvation.


11.  I would ask that a national day of prayer and fasting be called just before the legislature goes into session.


Well, it is easy to see why I am NOT running for president!  The number of people supporting a platform like this could caucus in the local phone booth!  But I believe nothing short of that will turn our nation around.  OH, how I pray for an old fashioned, heaven sent, Holy Ghost revival to sweep our land.  That revival begins with me, however, and with you!